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Order 250518  David Browne


Order Description

 Performance Mainsail   
 6.4 oz Contender Supercruise Sailcloth
 Triple Stitched
 3 Reefs
  Regular Foot  <<<< Clarified 5/23/2005 >>>>>
 P:    31.25    E:    10.25

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Customer Information


First Name      : David
Last Name       : Browne
Address         : 256 Spartan Drive
City            : Maitland
State/Province  : Fl
Zip/Postal Code : 32751
Country         : United States
Phone           : 407-252-5009
Fax :
E-Mail          : david@techpump.com


Quote Number    :522298280194.TXT
ID#             :297893780195.TXT
ID#             :625194500195.TXT           


Boom Art      
Sailmaker's Mainsail measurement form

Sail Slides - Bainbridge Catalog Pages

Mainsail Design Notes

Below is the information submitted on May-17-2005 20:2 EST

username:  david@techpump.com
Name              :  David Browne
Address Line 1    :  256 Spartan Drive
Address Line 2    :  Maitland,
Address Line 3    :  Florida 32751
Address Line 4    :  USA
Phone Number      :  407-252-5009
Vessel Make       :  Bristol 29
Vessel Length     :  29'
Year Manufactured :  1971
Hull Number       :  165
MaxLuff:  32'
Foot:  11' 1/2"
Backstay:  16'
Diagonal Clew - Throat:  
Diagonal Tack - Head:  
A:  1 3/4"             <<<< Clarified 5/26/2005 >>>>>
B:  1 1/2"             <<<< Clarified 5/26/2005 >>>>>
C:  N/A
D:  13"
E:  21 1/2"
F:  N/A
X:  1"
Y:  N/A
Z:  5/8"
ExtLuffSlide (Track Width):  None
ExtFootSlide (Track Width):  None
IntLuffSlide:  5/8"
IntFootSlide:  None
IntLuffSlug:  None
IntFootSlug:  None
RopeLuff:  None
RopeFoot:  None

Foot Slides - A033 sliders  <<<< Clarified 5/23/2005 >>>>>

Number of Reef Points:         :  3
Reef Point Height above boom:  :  you decide / I want tie down grommets for all reefs
Requested Luff Length:         :  31' 2"
Requested Foot Length:         :  10'
Adjust for stretch?            :  no
Requested Sail Cloth Weight:   :  6.5 oz
Expected Sailing Wind Speeds:  :  10 - 20 mph
Hand Sewn Slides and Slugs:    :  
Wooden or Aluminium Mast:      :  aluminum
Sail Numbers:                  :  165
Color of Sail Numbers:         :  black
Logo:                          :  Bristol logo
Color of Logo:                 :  Red over Blue
Optional Telltails:            :  at top batten
Optional Cunningham:           :  Yes
Optional Floppy Reef Rings:    :  
Tappered Batten Pockets:       :  
Optional Full Length Battens:  :  Top batten is full, all battens parallel to boom
Sliders between tensioners     :  
F/B Velcro Leech end Adjustment:  
F/B Luff End Adjustment (cars) :  
Comments:  Mainsail to be loose-footed. Leech line with pocket and cleat. You can add a bit more roach than normal for a Bristol 29 main since the boom on this boat has been shorted by about 30", if you think the sail will still set properly.
B2:  Submit Mainsail Measurement Form

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Sailmaker's Genoa measurement Form

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Genoa Design Specifications

Spinnaker (see order description for spinnaker type)

Sail Layouts

Understanding Your Computer Sail Layouts

Approved 5/27/2005

Hi Brad:
OK to proceed.
David Browne

 You must provide your "OK to Proceed" before we will cut the sail.

Revision 4 Data

Revision 4 Data
Layout Revision 3

1. Exact sail area of proposed sail.

163 Sq feet

2. Sail area the sail triple reefed.

The area of this mainsail after increase the roach is 182 square foot.  Hereunder is the area after reef down for all three reef point.

After reef down to 1 reef - 144.45 square foot
After reef down to 2 reef - 110.55 square foot
After reef down to 3 reef - 82.5 square foot

Checking w/sail maker

3. Can you show in the drawing where the luff slides will be positioned?

Not normally provided but will ask sailmaker.

4. I'd like to see more roach in the sail? I'd like the roach to be (from bottom to top) more like +8, +13, +15, +13 or even a little more, assuming we can get it to set correctly. The is not an issue with the back stay since the boom is shortened over the original rig.

Checking w/sailmaker.
See new Layout

5. Is the second batten from the bottom, just above the second reef too close to the reef cringle? Will there been strain from the force of the reef line that might over stree the batten pocket and should it be moved up a little?

We can move up a little. I don't think it is that much of an issue

From bottom to top, the second batten pocket is 12" above the third reef.
In my point of view, it has enough space to reef down up to the third reef.

6. Your website says that a loose-footed main will not point as high as a footed main. I had not found that comment among other sailmakers. Is that significant? I wanted the loose-footing more for better shape in the lower part and foot of the sail...Your comments, please.

A boomed sail is a more powerful sail. It will point better. A loose footed sail is
more for downwind work.

7. What is the tack angle of the sail?

Will check w/sailmaker
The tack angle is 89 degree.

David Browne


Hi Brad,

Thanks for the revised plan. One thing I want to be sure about is the
placement of the luff slides relative to the reffing cringles. If the slide
is too close to the cringle, I won't be able to pull the cringle to the side
and down taut with the reefing hook/pendent. I see that for each cringle
there is a slide very close below it. Can these be spaced so as to allow
more movement of the cringle without stressing the sailcloth at the slide?

The Reef Crigles are normally aligned to the C measurement. Why has a C
measurement not been provided? This is the location of the reef horn so
that you do not stress the sail fore and aft.

Boom does not have reef horns, it has hanging pendants that fit into reef tack cringle.

After your emphasis about loosing windward ability I want to go with a
footed main using:

Bainbridge A033 slugs for the foot - Noted

Thanks and awaiting the sail maker's other answers.



"A" measurement (aft face of mast to bearing point of tack fitting) 1-3/4"
"B" measurement (Top of boom to bearing point of tack fitting) 1-1/2"



Please review your luff and foot slides and confirm the following;

The  slides number A033 will be installed on the luff as noted.

We will install 9 pcs A033 slides on foot.

We have a question because these slides only have been  installed on clew  for other customers.

Please confirm it will be used for all slides on the foot.



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