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#37 Sandpiper Owner Geeter Kyrazis



Geeter keeps her in Daytona Beach, FL. His boat was previously owned by John Sabine (Spindrift). Geeter Writes:

"I've been avidly reading your website, as I purchased a 1967 Bristol 29, #37, about a year ago. I'm making some of the same changes that you have, including adding a bowsprit and a Solent, and reducing the foot of the main. When I bought "Spindrift," John had renamed her "Caretta," and I have subsequently documented her as "Sandpiper." I know it's supposed to be bad luck, but I guess everybody wants to put their own mark on the boat. It was a pleasure meeting John and Erin, and like every new owner I am pleased with much of the work that he did, and planning to redo or add to some of it

I love the forest green topsides! We'll keep up to date with Geeter's modifications.

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