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  1. Build a new bowsprit - Feb, 05: Removing it will be the biggest chore in this project. Build the bowsprit in teak, improve fastening system, add custom chainstopper, add second anchor pulpit, rebuild and improve bobstay chainplate and backing plate and improve system to tie down staysail chainplate.

  2. Replace the ports - Feb 05: I have selected all new opening ports and a new custom-built forward hatch. All the ports will be replaced with stainless opening ports.

  3. Remove cabin head liner - Fall 05: and replace with proper removable panels.

  4. Improve the mast - Apr, 05: I want to replace the winches, clean and inspect all fasteners and hardware, repaint with LPU, and reroute exit for wiring at base of mast.

  5. Shorten the boom - June 05: I am having a new mainsail made for the shortened boom and make some other simple improvements to the spars, including repaint the boom with LPU, improving the outhaul rigging, adding sheet stoppers for reefing lines, sealing the boom and foaming the inside for additional strength.

  6. Replace chainplates - December 05: After 35 years its time to pull them out, make sure the knees they are bolted to are solid, make whatever repairs are needed and replace the chainplates with new (and probably stronger) units.

  7. Woodworking - Building an entirely new interior to the B29 in cherry. This section addresses various woodworking projects that don't really fit as a part of other project pages.

  8. New Bottom Job - Summer, 07: Waiting out the daily rains of Florida's summer and the plus 100 degree heat in the Bristol's cabin I decided the best use of my time was to do the bottom.

  9. Build a seahood - Fall 07: Building a seahood to make the companionway hatch watertight.

  10. Build a dodger coaming--to keep water out from under the dodger and give a raised attachment point for the bottom edge of the dodger.

  11. Painting - This page discusses how I am painting and the SystemThree water-based LPU I use.

  12. Bronze builder's plaque - I designed a new Bristol builder's plaque for the boat. It's being forged in bronze.

  13. Exterior Cabintop Projects - Look here to see all the things I am adding or changing to the outside top of the Bristol's cabin.

  14. Bulwarks - In my view, the only safe way to go offshore and I expect them to improve the B29's sheer.

  15. Deck Projects -  Look here to see all the things I am adding or changing to the deck.

  16. Mast support improvements. The original mast step on the B29, at least mine and one other--built in 1968--is very poorly constructed. Since I am removing the cabin sole liner and building a proper sole, it will not be that difficult to beef up and improve the supports under the two compression posts.

  17. Updating standing and running rigging.

  18. Improve the lazarette including a level, removable floor and an ability to mount cargo straps or netting to keep stowage in place.

  19. Improve the cockpit, including access hatches in the sole, a propane locker, an additional seat locker, new teak coaming boards and new covering boards.

  20. Restore, renew and improve the plumbing aboard.

  21. Remove the existing cabin sole and rebuild it with proper floors and a planked sole.

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