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Bristol 29s
  • #1 I received an email from Bill Parks in New Zealand: "My dad owned hull #1 for many years. He bought it in 1976 in Greenwich CT, and kept it in Westport MA, where we sailed it frequently around the Elizabeth Islands and Martha's Vineyard as well as Narragansett Bay. He sold it to my brother sometime in the early nineties, I forget exactly when. My brother had it for a few years and now I am not sure where it is.
    It was a great boat, and I only remember seeing about five others the whole time we owned it, one, unfortunately was sitting on top of the rocks in Newport Harbor after Hurricane Gloria.
  • #11 Abigale, owned by Jayson and Vania Gerdes
  • #14 Just purchased by Bill Sholar, in Frisco TX.
  • #23 "Allison Beth" owned by Eric Treulich from East Islip, NY was donated by him to Boat Angel,
  • #27 "Avanti" owned by Steffen Frey & Tine Poschmann (currently for sale /Update: Avanti sold on 7/5/2005. I will try to find out the new owners and add the info here)
  • #37 "Sandpiper" owned by Geeter Kyrazis, who purchased her from John Sabine.
    #45 "Dog House" owned by Michael Stefani
  • #49  "Maloha" Owners Niels Daugbjerg and Steve Kahn
  • #73 "Santori" owned by David Wertz
  • #71 purchased by Matt, Egg Harbor, WI
  • #77 "Errant"  owned by John Stimpson: "I inherited the "Errant" from my father within the last few years. I'm pretty sure it's hull #77. He would have loved your website as he was a big bristol 29 fan. He was always writing Halsey Hereshoff with questions and suggestions, and I remember taking a family roadtrip to tour the boatyard and meet with Hereshoff. The family has owned her since the late 60's (second owners) and sailed her extensively year round. The only modifications we made were to cut out the old alcohol stove and top drawer and install a small woodburning stove, primarily for heat, and a one burner non-pressurized alcohol stove, as well as some minor rigging modifications made by Jack Wood, a well known previous generation sailor who was a family friend. Currently she's languishing a bit, and unfor tunately we have a moderately severe case of gelcoat blisters that I'll have to take care of this winter. Thanks for maintaining a site. I may contact you later if I find that I have questions.
  • #96 "Andiamo" owned by David Telles
  • #97 "Sandpiper" owned by Hans Hesse
  • #99 "Eriewinds" Owned by John Baranowsky
  • #102 "Good Grief" owned by Peter Damm
  • #135 "Omega" owned by John Dodge
  • #138 "Black Pearl" owned by Freeman Dodsworth and Dan Westbrook (she was sold a few years ago but I don't know who bought her)
  • #155 "Ascension" owned by Jonathan Welch
  • #169 The last B29 made. Recently bought by Jeff Haze


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