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I've started tearing out the molded cabin sole and building proper floors and a planked sole.

I've started rebuilding the two mast steps that tie the head door frame that supports the deck stepped mast to the keel.

Built two whisker poles for the boat today.

Mounted and installed a new combo transducer in the bow.

I finished the port chainplates. Starting on the starboard side.

I worked on the port side chainplates to install the chainplate collars and sister the intermediate shroud chainplate mounts.

Finished bunging and sanding the caprails today.

I permanently installed the port bulwark caprail today.

All the machining and shaping is finished for the caprails. All that remains is a final sanding with 320 wet or dry done dry, gluing and screwing, and a couple of coats of epoxy to protect the teak.

More work on the caprails...

Today I began building the teak caprails for the bulwarks.

Specific details and dimensions of the B29 rudder.

I am starting to add hardware to the coamings / covering boards.

Completed the cockpit seat fiddles.

The coamings and covering boards in the cockpit are basically finished: sanded with a protective coat of epoxy.

Today I glued the covering boards in place.

I finished shaping and machining the starboard covering board--came out very nice!

I glued the coamings into position today. I also rough cut the covering boards.

More work on the cockpit coamings today.

Built a removable floor for the port cockpit locker.

How to unfreeze and lube Marelon seacocks.

Beginning work on the teak seat fiddles in the cockpit.

I have started building new coaming boards for the cockpit. Also installing the new seat drains.

Almost finished with the drain gutters for the starboard cockpit locker.

I have started building a starboard cockpit seat locker. More work on the locker as I install the bulkhead that separates the locker (formerly the starboard quarterberth) from the cabin.

Finished with the propane locker. Starting work on the starboard cockpit locker.

I began building a propane locker in the cockpit today.

Continuing work in the cockpit--right now on the existing port cockpit locker lid, and soon to cut an opening for a starboard seat locker.

Began improvements to the cockpit, including installing two access hatches in the sole, and removing and installing new instruments. Also building and installing a brace under the cockpit sole.

I finished up the lazarette floorboard project today.

Began work on building floorboards for the lazarette (since I was back there working on the backstay chainplate).

I finished the backstay chainplate mount.

246 holes in the deck and cabintop: cleats, standup blocks, winches, the traveller, dorades, dorade guards, turning blocks, line clutches, genoa tracks, stanchions and more--each hole overbored, filled with thickened epoxy, sanded smooth, redrilled, tapped, and in many cases a fiberglass backing block glued up from underneath. I am reaching the end of this, thank goodness.

Today I mounted stanchions, gates, the portside pushpit, the genoa track and a toe stubbing preventer on the port side. You can read more here.

After much measuring I have determined the position and length of the genoa tracks. Since they are not being mounted on the bulwark caprail, my chief concern was the inboard sheeting angles and a fair lead to the port winch, since it wraps inboard and I was worried about the sheet chafing the planned covering board. The track will be 5 ft. long (as opposed to the original 4 ft. length) and positioned about 1 in. inboard of the the stanchion bases. The track and cars are ordered from Garhauer.

I finished sanding and fairing the port bulwark today.

I added some photos and commentary to the port bulwarks page.

Today I continued to fill very small irregularities in the bulwarks and I located and overbored the mounting holes for the port side stanchions. I finished the tiller today.

I began specifying the standing rigging for replacement.

I received my new backstay chainplate I had fabricated. The longer length will fit the raised stern bulwark. It's also heavier and just gorgeous.

Began installing the scuppers in the port bulwark.

More work on the port bulwark today.

Started building a new tiller for the boat.

I began building the port bulwark today.

How to lube the rudder pintel and gudgeon here...

Today I cut off the old traveler base from the stern deck. The Fein Multimaster made short work of it. Read more here.

Between rain and the summer heat I haven't accomplished much, but this weekend I did begin work or finalizing the installation of the forward hatch.

Today I cut the first of three openings into the starboard bulwark to accommodate the hawse pipes.

Between temps close to 100 and a week of rain, I have done little to the Bristol. I took the time to figure out how to mount a strobe to the masthead. More here...

Finished sanding the starboard bulwark this weekend and applied 3 coats of System Three primer. More here....

Added a coat of epoxy to the stern bulwark caprail and spent the rest of the weekend fairing the exterior of the starboard bulwark with an air driven long board. It looks almost perfect now.

Today I finished most of the work on the stern bulwark caprail. It is glued and screwed in place, and roughly shaped. More here...

Today I drilled, tapped and mounted the mainsheet return block. I applied the finished coats of System Three clear gloss LPU to both sides of the bowsprit and taped off and applied nonskid to the top side. I also began work shaping and mounting the teak caprail on the stern bulwark.

Today, after work I installed the mooring bit on the bow. It is permanently glued to the deck with epoxy, and attached with hex head bolts as well. Here are the details.

Today I continued preparing the mounting holes for the deck and cabin top hardware. I finished the dorade guard for the weather deck dorade here; I finished the dorade guards for the cabin dorades here, and I worked on mounting turning blocks for the traveler car control lines here.

Another coat of epoxy on the cabin top dorades. I also bored and filled the mounting holes for two dorade guards that will act as mast guards. Finally, I mostly installed the first of two solar vents: one in the lazarette hatch and one in the head.

More work--almost finished--on the cabin top dorades. Check here for the details.

Today I glued down the dorade box to the foredeck.

I spent most of the weekend fighting a head cold and had little energy to work on the boat. I did some work on the starboard dorade vent, and primed the stern bulwark in prep for fine sanding. I also prepared the bored holes for two stern fairleads.

Not much time for the boat this weekend, but I continued work on the stern bulwark.

I started building the stern bulwark today.

Today I cleaned up the scuppers on the starboard bulwark.

I installed a weather proof chainpipe on my foredeck today. I also added a good luck star to the front of my bowsprit.

I installed a new deck drain for the starboard side deck.

Found the teak for the bulwark caprails, the cockpit coamings and new covering boards for the cockpit. Look here...

I built a dorade box for the weather deck today.

I am still working on the bulwarks. The summer rain and the high temps have slowed me down.

I began grinding the gelcoat in preparation for the bulwarks...

Received the Garhauer traveller risers today that I ordered from Strictly Sail Miami. They are gorgeous! take a look...

Since I am building bulwarks with 2" wide caprails, how to protect the finish of the caprails with people stepping aboard at the gates. See the step pads I am having cast for the boat...

This weekend, I worked on the dorades, mounting winches on my cabin top, and prepared for the Garhauer traveller risers which should be here this week...

Today I began milling about 100 bf of teak. It is needed for the cap rail for the bulwarks. Stay tuned...

I began rebuilding the dorade boxes today. More here...  I also primed the dodger coamings and the aft area of the cabin top.

More details of work on the outside of the cabin top are here...

I received my Bristol builder's plaque from the foundry today. It's gorgeous. If you would like one, I have more for sale.

I designed and having cast a new bronze builder's plaque for my B29.

Learn more about how I'm painting the Bristol and what paint I'm using here:

Started building the seahood...

For the past month I have been giving the Bristol a new bottom Job, including a barrier coat of West System, and primer in preparation for her antifouling paint. Not very exciting, just back breaking work in the Florida heat.

Added a new woodworking project page to cover various steps in adding a cherry interior.

December - Work continues on the cabin sides. I began making patterns for the plywood from foam care poster board. It worked will and allowed me to even sand in spots that needed delicate adjustments. More here:

November - More work preparing the interior of the cabin sides. Read more here:

October - Spending my weekends this month sanding the plugs for the portholes. Boring work. Should be done by the end of the month.

September - This summer has been a loss as far as work on the boat is concerned. Between the scorching temps inside the cabin and the afternoon rains I gave up trying to continue the projects until better weather. I did discover a problem with the keel which I solved. For one reason or another, there was a space inside the encapsulated ballast between the sides of the lead and the insides of the fiberglass keel. This space had filled with water which slowly seeped from an old poorly done repair to the front bottom corner of the keel. When I began cleaning out the old repair, and grinding down to clean fiberglass I discovered the seepage and began investigating.

The solution was to drill several holes in the bottom of the keel under the lead to let the water out, and allow that area to dry thoroughly. I rigged a shop vacuum to suck a supply of air thru the keel to remove any moisture. Then after filling those holes I drilled a 1/2-inch hole at the very top and front of the keel right below where the lead is capped off with glass, and began pumping in epoxy. Over the course of 4 weekends I added a bit over 4 gallons of epoxy, completely filling and re-encapsulating the lead. A hose directing a spray of water kept the keel from getting too hot as the epoxy kicked. I can say now that there is no barrier or separation or distinction between the lead ballast, the surrounding layer of epoxy and the exterior layers of glass forming the keel. It is all one solid, granite-hard formation.

May 15 - Spent some time with a sawsall cutting out the icebox, Note to Bristol owners, the ice box is surrounded with 2" of Styrofoam--the good news--except for the top which has no insulation. It came out pretty quickly and I found a lot of mildew behind and under the box against the hull--probably from condensation.

April 14 - Not as much time to work on the boat as I would like, but I have added two bulkheads, where the old hanging locker was--both define a new hanging locker only about 12 inches wide. Before adding the second bulkhead and enclosing the space, I drilled the starboard main and forward chainplate holes for the new chainplates, beefed up the knees with some additional layers of woven roving, and bolted down the hull to deck joint in that area--1/4" carriage bolts every 4 inches. All these steps would be more difficult if the hanging locker were enclosed first. I also added thickened epoxy in the gap between the top edges of the existing bulkheads and the deck head and cabin top. Pictures are coming soon. Stay tuned...

March 21 - Other weekend projects have kept me away from the Bristol, but today I concentrated on leveling the boat in preparation for interior construction.

March 5 -  I finished three knees that brace the cabin top. take a look here...

February 25 - Continued working on the glassed over port holes.

February 19 - Attended Strictly Sail Miami version this weekend. Lots of boats of course and in the midst of all these are a few beauties: Tom Morris' M36 Daysailer and a Morris 38 he sailed down from Maine; a Valiant 41, so ready for world cruising, all you needed was a breeze, and a lovely Pacific Seacraft 31 without a trace of wood trim anywhere.

February 4 - A low front sits over Central Florida giving us cold rainy weather and preventing me from doing anything productive on the boat. What I need to do now is fair down the outside of each port that I glassed in. Perhaps tomorrow, stay tuned...

February 1 - Ordered a new LED masthead tricolor / anchor light from OGM Corporation in Austin, TX. The light draws only .5 amps and the LEDs last for about 100,000 hours.

January 21 - This weekend I started glassing over the old portlight holes.

January 7, 2006 - I removed the remaining chainplates today...

January 2 - The headliner is gone in every nook and cranny of the boat and I have ground a 10/1 bevel around all of the port holes in preparation for glassing over the openings. I removed the starboard main chainplate and plan to removed the rest of them this weekend. Ever wondered what they look like? Read more here...

December 26 - Still cutting away the overhead liner. Working mostly under the side decks and upside down in the quarter berth (what fun THAT is!). The pile of discarded liner grows. I have taken out the pantry shelves above the galley counter, and started to disassemble the hanging locker which will be rebuilt considerably narrower and more useful.

December 14 - I am spending this week and probably more to the tedious job of cutting away the headliner. The large areas under the cabin top came out quickly; it is the detailed work now under the side decks that takes careful wedging and cutting to remove. More The details are not worth devoting bandwidth to, but I will put up more photos soon.

December 11 - Today I learned a deep secret about the Bristol 29 and why the hull works to the extent it does--poor craftsmanship hidden under the headliner.

December 10 - I mounted a Harken halyard retainer to the mast today. I also began cutting out the fiberglass cabin headliner throughout the boat.

November 25 - I began mounting hardware back on the mast. I also finished work on the combing for the forward hatch. I drilled and tapped several holes and dry mounted the hatch in place. Once I paint, I will make it a permanent installation.

November 12 - Today I continued working on the forward hatch combing...

November 7 - I mounted all the hardware on the newly-painted boom today. Here are some pictures...

November 6 - Today I finished painting the mast and boom. Take a look for yourself...

October 30 - The weather has been unsuitable for painting, so today I decided to tackle installing the forward hatch...

October 15 - Sprayed the second coat of Orca White on the mast boom and spreaders today. Read more here...

October 9 - Sprayed the first coat of System Three LPU on the boom and spreaders today. Read more here...

September 26 - Finally some dry weather and a weekend of sanding the spars...

September 17 - Applied first coat of System Three water-reducible epoxy primer, and rerouted the mast wires out thru a hose fitting. Read more here...

September 2 - Spent today stripping mast of all hardware, filling screw holes I no longer need and preparing it for repainting.

August 28 - Today I began the nasty job of removing the fiberglass headliner from the cabin. It's something I've wished to do for years and now I have to before I can mount the new ports. Stay tuned for more on this..

August 22 - As I remove serviceable original Bristol hardware from my boat, I will clean it up and put it here for sale. A good opportunity to replace worn parts for your Bristol, or buy a backup unit. Be sure to check back often.

August 17 - Details of a new winch base for the mast, and a new rope clutch base for the boom.

August 13 - This weekend sees me hard at work on the boom. First all the old holes, then drilling and tapping new ones and finally painting with 2-part LPU.

August 3 - See my new anchor chain stopper I designed.

July 22 - My custom-made, 316 stainless steel trapezoid forward hatch arrives via UPS from Mariner's Hardware. See the first pictures of it here.

July 8 - Can anyone with a Bristol send me a close up picture of the builder's plate? I have lost mine and want to commission a bronze version. Thank you in advance!. Dodging the daily Florida downpours has slowed down progress on the boat.

June 16 - One month to the day from when I placed the order I received my new main from China. It is beautifully made, every possible chafe area is leathered (even the luff slide cringles are leathered), the hardware is all first class; I'm very impressed with the work and their performance and delivery. I doubt I could find any NA loft that could turn around the job in the same amount of time.

June 1 - Today I received the ports and the forward hatch from Mariner's Hardware. Pictures to follow as soon as I can, but let me just say these are absolutely gorgeous, the metalwork is flawless and I am completely satisfied. I would highly recommend their ports to anyone and would be happy to talk to you in detail if you want....

May 15 -Since I shortened the boom I ordered a new main today from FarEast Sails in Hong Kong. This is the second main I have had. The first one is 17 years old and still in great condition. Fareast is the largest purchaser of sailcloth in the world and is the wholesale sail maker for many North American sail makers. Their prices are about half: This sail costs 741.00 and will be 6.5 oz Contender Dacron, triple stitched, 3 reefs, full top batten, cunningham, leathered corners, loose-footed with insignia and number. It will be here, air freight, in 4 weeks.

May 8 - Began stripping hardware from the decks. Thankless job and not worth mentioning; we've all done it.

April 29 - Finished the bowsprit, shortened the boom and spent time cleaning winches...details to follow...

April 16 - Finally got the old halyard winches off and drilled and mounted new replacement winches...I also finished work on the stainless backing plate and tie-down system for the inner forestay / bobstay backing block...

April 9 - Finished work on the bobstay backing block; finished leveling the foredeck to receive the new bowsprit; and removed all the hardware off the masthead in preparation for cleaning it up...

Apr 1 - I make some progress designing the configuration to connect the inner forestay chainplate to the bobstay chainplate, thus tying down the deck to the bobstay...

Mar 26 - I discover a major structural problem with my bobstay chainplate--one of the few things I asked my boat yard to redo for me in 1995, and today's revelation confirms why I almost always insist on doing all work myself. Then I know it's done right, and I know how to fix it if something breaks. If you put your trust in a boat yard, you had better be damn sure that trust is merited...

Mar 19 - More leveling of the bow and I drilled the sides of the bowsprit to secure the side rails of the steel surround...

Mar 14 - Ordered new chainplates from Schaefer

Mar 12 - Cold weather has kept me out of the garage and the boat this week. This weekend I plan to complete the finish on the bowsprit, prepare the anchor locker to receive the new sprit and if there is time, fill the existing mounting holes and drill new ones. I ordered new bronze mounting bolts for the staysail chainplate from Bolt Depot, a great supply of stainless and bronze bolts and screws, and you can buy them in singles instead of in packs the way Jamestown Distributors requires.

This afternoon, I started prepping the boat to receive the new bowsprit, including new teak backing plates, filling holes, etc...

Mar 6 - I overbored all the mounting holes today...bowsprit

Mar 4 - Found the forward hatch I want...

Mar 1 - Bought all the replacement ports...

Feb 26 - Cleaned up the pullpit and bowsprit surround and glued up the final planks

Feb 24 - Glued up the third plank of the bowsprit

Feb 19 - Miami and the Strictly Sail boat show...with several surprises, like Tom Morris in his new Morris M36 Daysailer. Read more...

Jan 28, 2005 - Hauled Sally B in St Pete and brought her home...


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