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#45 Dog House Owner Michael Stefani
Showing off her new gel coat to her topsides. The B29 just has a gorgeous stern!

Michael writes:

I have hull #45.  It was purchased in August 2002.  The bottom was shot (over 300 paint blisters per square foot) and the entire gel coat was remove by sanding (striping was not an option at the yard in 2002).  All rigging was replaced, all through hulls were replaced, new gel coat was applied, and a new self tending jib (in Stockton we sail in the main shipping channel approximately 500 feet wide) was purchased along with a new spinnaker.  Much new hardware was also installed.  The vessel was rechristened “Doghouse” (I sail with a black Labrador called Bartholomew Negro (Bart for short)).


It is ironic that you contacted me because the bottom (a few paint blisters and bottom paint) is being redone as I am writing this.  The boat loves 20 mph wind and the amount of fun and enjoyment it has given me is immeasurable.


The top deck and some interior work being done also this spring.  I will send some picture later this week.

Notice the shortened boom, the cabin top traveler, and the self-tending jib boom. Mike says she has great performance which mirrors my thinking about shortening the boom as well.

He writes:

"I did not change the boom myself.  I thought the boom was the standard length.  I did purchase a self tacking jib that filled the forward triangle (old jib was about 6' short of the mast head.  The increased performance was worth the cost.  I will send some pictures of the main sheet - cabin top setup and the traveler bridge.  I did not do the change to the cabin top but the traveler is a Harken car and curved track."


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