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NW Vacation, July, 06 photos


This was the second vacation we spent with John in Seattle.  We sailed across the strait to Victoria. Stayed there, the meandered across to the San Juan Islands, poked around there before returning to Seattle. A very relaxed trip.
Anchored out at sunset (about 11:30 pm).
Perfect weather the whole trip. This is crossing the strait.
Great wind and a great boat.
This is what I love about sailing.
And this....
A very rare sight. A pod of killer whales crossed our course, dove under us, came up the other side and kept swimming in formation. This was in Farrow Strait off San Juan Island. The strait is now full of tree huggers that run around in high powered inflatables and yell at any boats that get near the whales. They came out and admonished us for getting in the whales way and perhaps giving the some sort of complex. I told them to fuck off. They looked a little shocked and left!
The whales diving here.
What you don't want to hear in the fog crossing the Strait.
Just gorgeous weather.
And great wind...
Anchored out
So still you could hear the tide.
Victoria marina. John and his bride Michelle.
Seattle smog.
Mike and Annika getting a sailing lesson.
Kathleen getting a turn at the helm.
Mike, Trevor, Kevin and Kathleen at John's house after the trip.
Out of context..just a shot of Mike and me last year.
Kathleen and Annika at Butchart Gardens in Victoria.
Empress Hotel and marina in Victoria.
The ladies at high tea at the Empress.
Unloading at the end of the passage.

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