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Rebuilding the Cabin Sole



I've wanted to do this job since I bought the Bristol in 1987. The boat uses a molded floor pan that is glassed to the hull, without any kind of proper floors to strengthen the hull or support the sole. Since I am rebuilding the cabin, I'm starting with a strong and seaworthy foundation.

sole1.jpg (659311 bytes) Here you can see I have cut out part of the saloon sole, starting at the head, where I replaced the keel step braces for the compression posts that support the deck-stepped mast step, and working my way aft.
sole3.jpg (686095 bytes) This is how the the molded sole pan is attached to the interior of the Bristol 29. No strength; a weak arrangement at best, with no floors to strengthen the hull form and no bracing to keep the molded pan from sagging. A typical method used in many boats of the period and most modern boats today (only with modern boats the whole interior is a molded liner).
sole2.jpg (731043 bytes) This is a shot of one of the four hanger bolts glassed to the hull that the water bladder attaches to. I'm thinking about either having a custom water tank built to fit the space or enclose the space into an integral tank. We'll see what happens here.

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