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Branding: Casting a New Builder's Plaque


I've decided to design and have cast a new  Bristol builder's plaque for the boat. The old one looks terrible and the boat deserves better. It's about 6" x 4" in polished bronze, I'll post pictures when I get the plaque from the foundry.

Here it is!

I received the finished plaque today. It is really lovely, solid bonze weighing about 5 pounds. It will do my Bristol well. If any other Bristol owners would like one I can provide at a cost of 264.00 plus shipping. Just send me an email at the email link in the footer of this page.

Since I am adding bulwarks and a 2' caprail, I was puzzling about how to protect the caprail at the gates, where crew and visitors typically step. How to keep shoes off the bright finish? Then the idea struck me: have cast in bronze a step pad for each side...then why not add the model name to the step plate and brand the boat correctly. Here is what the two step plates will look like: 9-1/4 inches long, by 1-1/2 inches wide

Adding Luck to my Boat

For boats with bowsprits it is considered good luck to carve a star into the end of the bowsprit, like this:


My bowsprit isn't round nor made of wood so instead of carving one, I found a nice sterling silver star pendant.

I ground down the loop on the top for a necklace, and glued it to the front of my bowsprit with clear silicone sealant.


I hope it will bring my boat good luck in our travels.


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