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Modifications > Custom chain stopper

The standard Windline chain stopper sold by West and others never really worked for me on the Bristol. It was too small and required mounting too far inboard from the anchor roller so that the direction of pull was too much in an upward direction. So I designed a custom chain stopper that mounts using the anchor secure pin on the anchor roller. The stopper is made of 316 stainless, welded by a friend of mine to my design.
Notice the pin passes thru two receivers welded to the leading edge of the stopper plate. These are from the old Windline stopper, and worked out really well using them in this new custom design.

When I am lowering the chain, it's a simple matter to flip the stopper forward over the from of the anchor roller. When it's time to raise the chain, I simply flip it back to act as a lock.

Here is a side view showing the welds and gussets.
Here you see a tracing of the chain stopper. If you download this and print it you can have a good start at making one yourself.
Another shot of it.
And one more...

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