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Sailing Qualities  

have absolutely no complaints on the subject of the B29ís abilities. She will pinch amazingly high, even with poorly fitting sails and she loves to go to weather. I typically will see 6.25 to 6.5 knots beating hard on the wind. Obviously with her long overhangs she will sail faster as she heals over but she will steady up at about 20 degrees and go like a scalded cat. Her favorite point of sail is a beam reach when you can ease the sheets and she will just fly. I can often see 7.5, sometimes 8 knots in 22 -25 knots of wind, at which point her stern quarter wave will be huge. Her least favorite point of sail as it the case with most boats with keel-hung rudders is downwind in a quartering sea. She will tend to slew around like a pig and youíre better off sailing a farther distance and bearing up a little. She has great manners under sail or power, turns almost as tight as a fin keel boat, but backing can be a challenge. When you do it enough you will figure it outóprop walk has a strong effect with her so as you back, just slip her out of reverse and steer.

 My only complaint with the boat is also common of CCA rated boats with low aspect masts and long booms: they tend to have a lot of weather helm. If Halsey had lengthened the keel a bit it would have helped. If Bristol had used external ballast instead of internal ballast it would have helped. But they didnít and the result is a boat with a lot of weather helm. Now to the B29ís credit, she has such a powerful and perfectly designed rudder, that she will never get out of control and round up into the wind despite your counter-steering the way some boats will do. The B29 will NEVER stall her rudder that way, but she does have some weather helm. Therefore I moved the rig forward to reduce the WH and thus built the bowsprit.

How Herreshoff boats like to sail...

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