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Modifications > Cockpit Drains

I added the two additional drains at the aft end of the cockpit. Their sole purpose is to drain off large amounts of water quickly. The smaller scuppers at the forward end of the cockpit can handle the rest plus the normal amount from rain, spray, etc. The new scuppers are simply barbed nylon thru-hull fittings. The tiller head is a standard Schaefer model with two pivot rests welded to it for the teller.
The hoses cross under the cockpit and route to Marelon© sea cocks and thru-hulls. I replaced all the original bronze sea cocks and thru-hulls in the boat with Marelon in 1995 and I am extremely happy with them.



Also added two seat drains in the forward outboard corners of the cockpit seats. These 1-1/2" scuppers drain overboard through seacock mounted in the cockpit lockers above the waterline. Should I be pooped, the seat drains will drain away any water trapped by the coamings above the seats.

The addition of these drains give the Bristol a total of six 1-1/2" cockpit drains.

Under the port side cockpit seat and lazerette is the manual bilge pump that drains into the portside rear cockpit drain seacock and thru-hull.




Here is the bulge pump mounted thru the side of the cockpit. The input hose for the pump runs forward through the port cockpit locker and down to the bilge where it connects to a 1-1/2" pvc pipe with a strum box on the bottom end.



And, the output of the pump tees into the cockpit drain like this. since the output is under water the cockpit drain itself acts as the anti-siphon for the hose down to the bilge (the pump has a backflow preventer in it as well).





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